GCE A LEVEL Sociology

SociologyCourse Aim and Duration

Sociology is suitable for anyone who is interested in developing an understanding of society. It provides the means to increase your awareness of the relationship between society and the individual, giving a valuable insight into ones own life. There is an opportunity to study social problems and themes in real depth and gain sensitive, informed opinions regarding these issues. Candidates should possess a naturally questioning and enquiring mind to be successful at this subject.

Course Content
AS Unit 1 AS Unit 2
Candidates choose one topic form the following threeCulture and Identity
Families and Households
Wealth Poverty and Welfare
This unit is externally assess by a 1 hour examination.
Candidates choose one topic from the following twoHealth
This unit is externally assessed by a two-hour examination.
A2 Unit 3 A2 Unit 4
Candidates choose one topic from the following fourBeliefs in Society
Global Development
Mass Media
Power and Politics
The unit is externally assessed by a 1 hour 30 minutes examination.
Candidates choose one topic from the following twoCrime and Deviance
Stratification and Differentiation
This unit is externally assessed by a two-hour examination.

The third area provides an opportunity to develop the research project.


The AS is taken at the end of the first year. Candidates are expected to complete two externally assessed data response questions. The A2 is taken in the second year which can combine with the AS to make the full A level. The A2 comprises of two externally assessed exams.


Sociology integrates well with many subjects such as English, Psychology and Media Studies. It is relevant to a number of careers in particular the social and health services. It may be combined with a part GNVQ.

The A level qualification also provides the opportunity of progression to the higher level qualifications such as degrees or higher national diplomas. Above all, sociology students profess that by studying the subject they have gained invaluable insights into all areas of their lives which has benefited them both academically and personally.

Entry Requirements

To gain entry to the courses, students must possess five GCSE passes at grades A to C, plus a general interest in society and people.

Course Title Entry Requirements Duration Assessment Further Advancement
A Level Sociology 5 GCSE passes at grade C or above, plus an interest in society and people 2 years Work is assessed by examination and by coursework. Entry to university or other institution of higher education. Jobs or vocational training

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