Modern Languages

AS and A2 LEVEL Modern Languages

MFLCareer Opportunities

With the expansion of the European Union, the demand for people with a knowledge of one or more languages is on the increase. Companies and organisations are looking for people with more advanced language skills; not just translators, but technicians, scientists, business people, secretaries, journalists, tourism employees, lawyers and other professionals who can operate in other languages. You may wish to enter the teaching profession, either primary or secondary or choose to teach English as a Foreign Language in another country.

Opportunities in the Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form you can further develop your practical communication skills as well as increase your understanding of the culture and civilisation of the country.

You may wish to take advantage of the Staffordshire Limousin Exchange with France or go on an Exchange or Visit to Germany or France. You may want to spend some time doing work experience abroad during the Summer. There are possible University visits to modern language lectures in Manchester, Salford or Keele. In Year 13, you may be able to attend an intensive language weekend at Barlaston. You will have regular contact with the Foreign Language Assistant.

Specification at a glance

AS Unit 1: Spoken expression and response (30% AS and 15% A2)
Students will be expected to give relevant and appropriate information, convey opinions, interact and respond to a range of questions. They must choose one of the following topic areas:
Youth culture and concerns; Lifestyle: health and fitness; The world around us: travel, tourism, environmental issues and the French or German-speaking world; Education and employment.

AS Unit 2: Understanding and written response (70% AS and 35% A2)
Students will be expected to recognise and use French or German in a variety of contexts and in relation to a prescribed range of general topic areas. The unit draws upon the four topic areas outline in Unit 1.

A2 Unit 3: Understanding and spoken response (35% A2)
Students will be expected to use the language of debate and argument to discuss an issue of their choice and will also be assessed for understanding as well as communication and quality of spoken French or German.

A2 Unit 4: Research, understanding and written response (65% A2)
Students will be required to demonstrate advanced level skills in writing (discursive or creative essay) and translation into English from French or German. They will also be required to demonstrate evidence of independent reading and research. The content will be linked to the four topic areas from unit 1 above plus:
Customs, traditions, beliefs and religions; National and international events: past, present and future; Literature and the Arts.

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