Media Studies

GCE A LEVEL Media Studies


The media – television, radio, the press, e-media, and film – is a major source of information and ideas. This course is designed to enable you to:

  • Understand how messages are made and how we understand them;
  • Acquire skills in production in different media;
  • Understand the influences and regulations surrounding media products;
  • Develop communicative and collaborative skills.

Entry Requirements Standard A level entry, and an enquiring mind; a willingness to learn new skills; a capacity to work with others; a good knowledge of ICT. Duration A level: 2 years A/S level: 1-2 years The full A level is not available as a one- year course. Structure and Content The course is modular: external assessment takes place in June. Unit two is examined internally through a coursework portfolio. Practical work will give you the opportunity to develop skills in the media of your choice: moving image (film), e-media or print-based media. Information Technology skills are an essential part of the course. The course aims to allow students to investigate across three media platforms:

  • E-media
  • Broadcast media
  • Print media

The course allows you to find an area of interest and to investigate in a cross media study. You will be encouraged to apply knowledge and understanding when analysing media products and processes and evaluating your practical work, to show how meanings and responses are created by media. The course is also analytical; you will develop the ability to undertake, apply and present appropriate research as part of a portfolio of work produced for unit 2 of the course. In A2, you will develop a knowledge and understanding of media concepts contexts and critical debates within the media. There is also a practical element in the second year of the course where you will be asked to demonstrate the ability to plan and construct media products using appropriate technical and creative skills. Modules

  • Investigating Media – Assessment: Exam
  • Creating Media – Assessment: Coursework

The 2 modules above are AS level

  • Media: Critical perspectives – Assessment: Exam
  • Media: Research and Production – Assessment: Coursework

All 4 modules are A2 level Related Studies Related studies include Sociology, English, Psychology, Photography, Art, and Computer Aided Design. Media Studies also supports GNVQ courses, especially in business, Computing and IT or Art and Design. Progression: Media Studies is a recognised A level for university entrance. Media related degrees are extremely popular, yet it is difficult to enter the media industry, despite current growth. It is important to keep options open, and consider higher education courses and careers in marketing, public relations or any area where you are shaping communication. Summary

Course Title Entry Requirements Duration Assessment Further Advancement
AS Level Media Studies Designed for students who wish to improve their grades 1 or 2 years Work is assessed by examination and by coursework. Entry to university or other institution of higher education. Jobs or vocational training.
A Level Media Studies 4 GCSE passes at grade C or above, preferably including English 2 years Work is assessed by examination and by coursework. Entry to university or other institution of higher education. Jobs or vocational training.

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