AS and A2 LEVEL Business

Leek_United_visit_6_600This specification has been designed to:
• enable candidates to focus on the dynamic nature of the contemporary business world;
• provide opportunities for research into topical business issues;
• offer opportunities for the development and application of a full range of academic skills.
It encourages the practical application of business concepts by exploring events in the business world and relating these to theories and practice. Importantly, it also develops the transferable, academic skills required by higher education through using appropriate business tools and methods.

AS Level

At AS level, this specification introduces candidates to the challenges and issues of starting a business, including financial planning. It then explores the key internal functions of business and how the management of these functions can assist in improving the effectiveness and performance of a business.

Unit 1 will cover

• Starting a business
The challenge and issues of starting a business, enterprise; entrepreneurs

• Financial planning
Key financial concepts needed to start a business including sources of start up finance, planning cash flow, contribution and break even.

Unit 1 exam
Written paper: 1 Hour 60 Marks
Multiple choice questions plus one compulsory multi-part data response question plus short answer questions.

Unit 2 will cover

• People
Communications; motivation; recruitment; HR Planning

• Operations Management
Adding value; quality; customer services; suppliers; IT; resource utilisation and operations decisions.

• Finance
Improving cash flow, measuring profit, improving profitability

• Marketing and competition
Planning; 4 p’s; analysing the competitive environment

Unit 2 exam
Written paper: 1 hour 30 mins 80 marks

2 compulsory, multi-part response questions.

A2 Level

At A2, this specification considers strategies for larger businesses and how these strategies for larger businesses and how these strategies may change according to circumstances. Finally, it considers the effects that external factors can have on businesses and how a business can plan for and manage change, including leadership style and change in business culture.

Unit 3 will cover

• Financial strategies and accounts – Financial information, financial decisions

• Marketing strategies – analysing markets – Devising marketing strategies

• Operations strategies – location, R & D, Improving operational efficiency

• Human Resource strategies – workforce planning, measuring performance, adapting organisational structures, employee relations.

Unit 3 exam

Written paper: 1 hour 30 mins 60 Marks
5 questions focusing on measuring business performance and assessing appropriate functional strategies to achieve success
Unseen case study with a range of numerical data.

Unit 4 will cover

• External influences – the effects of changes in the economic, political, legal, social and ethical; corporate culture, risk strategy: change management and responses of organisations.

• Leadership, corporate culture, ethics – leadership styles, role of leaders in responding to change, corporate culture.

• Managing change – planning for change, corporate strategies, managing change, decision making

Unit 4 exam

Written paper: 1 hour 30 mins 80 Marks
A two part paper – section A will contain questions based upon prior research
Section B will be a selection of three essays titles from which the candidate will select one.

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