Teaching and Learning

The school aims:

  • To ensure that all learners make progress in their learning which will be deemed satisfactory or better by national standards
  • To lay the foundations for a lifetime of learning through providing active, challenging and enjoyable learning experiences for learners who will be involved in and aware of the process of learning and become increasingly independently responsible for their learning
  • To engender a positive approach to learning
  • To train, develop and support teachers in their vital role of unlocking the skills, knowledge and potential in the learners
  • To promote the use of resources which stimulate the motivation to learn
  • To promote the organisation of appropriate learning situations which will bring about maximum learner involvement

All learners are entitled to expect that:01_Enterprise_Day_2014

  • Intentions are shared at the beginning of any lesson.
  • They are provided with quality feedback
  • Lessons are summarised at the end of the learning session
  • Their learning is supported by the use of appropriate questioning techniques
  • They are enabled and encouraged to make a full contribution
  • That the context for learning is regularly reinforced
  • They are provided with advice about what to do next to further their learning
  • They are provided with regular opportunities to give feedback about their learning experiences
  • Their feedback is used to modify and improve the learning process
  • That their learning is enhanced by appropriate use of digital technology

All learners are entitled to expect to be provided with:

  • Learning opportunities which enable them to experience success
  • Opportunities which extend their understanding and competence
  • Content appropriate to their level of understanding and competence
  • Resources which will engage and stimulate the learning process
  • A pace of learning which maintains and stimulates interest

All learners are entitled to expect to be:

  • Enabled to work and learn as individuals, pairs and groups
  • Encouraged to develop an understanding of themselves as learners
  • Enabled to investigate areas of personal interest
  • Helped to develop research skills
  • Encouraged to be creative and develop problem solving skills


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