SUBJECT Geography
WHAT COURSE DO I FOLLOW? WJEC Avery Hill Geography (Syllabus B)

GeographyThe course is based upon the Avery Hill Geography Project.

This syllabus covers a series of issues which have been identified as problems. These include, for example:

1) Housing and planning good environments for towns and cities.

2) The location of industry and its effects on the availability of jobs.

3) The risk of flooding and flood control measures.

4) How the climate changes and whether we can control it.

5) The rapid growth of cities in developing countries.

6) The destruction of the rain forest.

7) Should the coast be defended?

Each issue is investigated through case studies drawn from Britain and various parts of the world.

Fieldwork is an important part of the syllabus, with three full-day courses being held during the two years. Coursework based on these courses is completed in class and at home.

This course is suitable for students of any ability.

DETAILS OF FORMAL EXAMINATION Paper I – Two structured questions
Paper II – One structured question and a decision making exercise.
COURSEWORK DETAILS 2 coursework projects – 25%
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Opportunities to take part in field courses, visiting environments different from our own. This could involve fieldwork on the Denbigh Coast, Peak District, Southport or Manchester.

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