Product Design

AS and A2 LEVEL Product Design

DesignProduct Design

Graphic Products (GR)

Unit Title GP Assessment mode
1 AS Portfolio of Creative Skills PROJECT 6GR01 Internal 60%
2 AS Design and Technology in Practice 90 MINUTE EXAM 6GR02 External 40%
3 A2 Designing for the Future 2 HOUR EAXM 6GR03 External 40%
4 A2 Commercial Design PROJECT 6GR04 Internal 60%
How is it different from GCSE?

Students will sit one exam only.

  • The complexity of your portfolio needs to be higher.
  • Much more of the work will need to be done independently (on your own).
  • You must thoroughly read and learn the course text book we lend you.
  • You must organise your study time thoroughly as there is a lot to do.


Content summary:
Students are given the opportunity to develop their creative, technical and practical skills through a series of product investigation, design and manufacturing activities.

Students will produce one portfolio with three distinct sections which will demonstrate their creativity and flair when investigating, designing and making products. Ideally, different products should be chosen for the three distinct sections as students are not being asked to carry out one large design and make exercise but three smaller and more focused tasks which build up to provide a detailed portfolio of their skills.

This course is designed to be as flexible as possible offering students a wide range of valid approaches in producing their portfolio of creative skills. Students are encouraged to be as creative as possible and there are no barriers to choices of product investigation, product design or product manufacture, as long as the work submitted by students targets assessment criteria effectively and at the correct level of response for their abilities.

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