GCE A LEVEL Photography

photography4Course Aim and Duration

This is a two-year course. The first year leads to an AS, year two leads to an A2.

Entry Requirements

  • Or ’O’ Level or GCSE photography and three other GCSEs;
  • Or a portfolio of work.


  1. The theory and use of cameras, lights, darkroom equipment and sensitive materials etc.
  2. Practical course work.


The College offers a fully equipped darkroom and lighting studio. Those wishing to join the course are not required to provide equipment; however, students who prefer to use their own camera will be welcome to do so. Students are expected to provide a proportion of their own materials, i.e.: paper/film/mounting card/folders etc.

Assessment/Learning Methods

Assessment is by practical examination with submission of photographs produced during the course.

Your future

Students can progress on to: BA Photography or to a career in photographic/image related industries, Picture researchers, Art Curators, Technicians, Social/Commercial/Advertising Photographers.


Course Title Entry Requirements Duration Assessment Further Advancement
A Level Photography Four GCSEs or a portfolio of work 2 years Work is assessed by examination and by coursework. Entry to university or other institution of higher education. Jobs or vocational training

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