AS and A2 LEVEL Law

LawSubject: Law

Level: AS and A2

Exam Board: WJEC

Why study this course?
You will:

  • Find out how laws are made and applied
  • Understand the impact of European Law
  • Benefit from small class size
  • study in an innovative and interactive way
  • enhance your independent study skills
  • At A2 study Criminal Law in depth

The course is studied by supported distance leaning. As a distance learning student you will receive a one hour video conference tutorial per week, with an experienced tutor. The sessions will be held at your school and will be interactive giving you the chance to ask questions and discuss the work with your tutor. The rest of the work is completed through studying on your own for 4 – 5 hours a week. Your tutor will visit you at school twice a year and will provide e-mail support throughout the course.

What can this course lead to?

  • AS Law is relevant to almost every aspect of everyday life and any legal knowledge will be useful whether you continue with your studies or enter employment
  • gives a thorough foundation for those intending to study Law
  • well regarded A Level which is accepted by all universities, for all degree courses

Unit Content:

  1. Understanding Legal Structures and Processes – Historical Development of the Law. Human Rights. Law and Morality. The Criminal and Civil Process.
  2. Understanding Legal Reasoning, Personnel and Methods – European Law, Interpreting the Law. Sources of Law. Law Reform. Legal Personnel.
  3. Criminal Law and Justice – Homicide – Murder/Manslaughter. Police Powers.
  4. Criminal Law and Justice – Burden and Standard of Proof in Criminal Cases. The Criminal Process. Crown Prosecution Service. Bail. Sentencing. Youth Crime.

Method of Assessment:
Unit 1: Written, externally assessed examination. 1hour 30 minutes
Unit 2: Written, externally assessed examination. 1 hour 30 minutes
Unit 3: Written, externally assessed examination. 1 hour 30 minutes
Unit 4: Written, externally assessed examination. 2 hours.

Minimum Entry Requirement: GCSE Score of 5.5 including English at Grade C or above.

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