Pastoral Care

English_AutoLeek High School provides a caring and supportive environment which enables every student to achieve at the highest possible level; it also promotes a sense of community and good order in school.

We still consider the Every Child Matters agenda to be an important part of the work of the school. The five strands of being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic wellbeing are integrated into pastoral care as well as subject areas.

Worries and Concerns

If you have academic or social concerns about your son or daughter you first point of contact should be their form tutor.

If it relates to special educational needs please contact the special educational needs coordinator:
Mrs Jan Large email:

If it relates to social or behavioural issue you can contact the Heads of Year:
Head of Year Thirteen – Mr Paul Watts email:
Head of Year Twelve – Mr Adam Simcock email:
Head of Year Eleven – Mr Richard Mace email:
Head of Year Ten – Mrs Lorrice Mawson email:
Head of Year Nine – Mr Gary Bartram email:

If your concerns relate to a pastoral or child protection issue please contact:
Phill Evans (The Designated Safeguarding Lead Person) email:
Lindsey-Marie Taylor Taylor (The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Person) email:
Katie Ackerley (The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Person) email:

If you have concerns about the conduct of a member of staff please contact the headteacher:
Mr Phill Evans email:

If you have concerns about the headteacher please contact the chair of governors:
Mr John Fisher email:

You can of course phone ‘room 21’ on 01538 225064. Many students and relatives contact us if they have any worries in or out of school that might prevent a student making the best of their educational opportunities. Our multi agency facility is a vital resource at Leek High and is designed to help remove barriers to learning.

Form Tutor

The form tutor meets the group every day at registration. He/she knows the students well and is always available to help if problems arise. The form tutor has a clear picture of overall progress and academic achievement and should, in most cases, be the first point of contact for parents.

Pastoral Leader

Co-ordinating the work of form tutors in each age group is the Pastoral Leader who is a senior member of staff who works closely with form tutors to track the academic achievement of each student ensuring that they consistently fulfil their potential.

Links with Families and the Local Community

SixthForm_D&TWe are always seeking to strengthen our links with families and to offer advice and support to students who experience difficulties at home and at school. We have a family support worker attached to each age group who is always prepared to listen to parents’ concerns and anxieties as their children face the challenging decisions they need to make as they grow older.

Anti Bullying Policy

Our anti bullying policy promotes mutual respect between students, establishes the right of each student to feel safe and makes it clear that any behaviour the deliberately causes upset will not be tolerated. Students are helped to feel confident in talking openly about bullying incidents.  The school’s work in combating bullying has been recognised by Staffordshire County Council.

The school has a named Child Protection person in line with Staffordshire policy and any concerns about the safety of children outside school will be referred through the appropriate guidelines.

Full details of the school’s anti bullying and behaviour policies can be obtained from the Headteacher (email:

Dyslexia Friendly

Leek High School has been awarded Level 1 Dyslexia Friendly Status by The Education Transformation Division of Staffordshire County Council,  in recognition of work that has been undertaken over the last year.

Key Contacts Available in school;
Mr P Watts – Head of Year Thirteen
Mr A Simcock – Head of Year Twelve
Richard Mace – Head of Year Eleven
Lorrice Mawson – Head of Year Ten
Gary Bartram – Head of Year Nine
Lindsey-Marie Taylor – The Designated Safeguarding Lead Person, Senior Learning Mentor & Assistant Pastoral Leader
Jo McKee – Assistant Pastoral Leader

Available via room 21, the multi agency room;
Alex Kenneth – Personal Adviser Co-ordinator & Lead Careers Adviser for LHS
Craig Dunn – Family and Education Engagement Worker
Tanya Lawson – Family  and Education Engagement Worker
Christine Austin – Family and Education Engagement Worker
Karl Oulsanam – Family and Education Engagement Worker
Dave Keeble –  Family and Education Engagement Worker
Paula Goodwin – Targeted Youth Support
Danielle Ferrari – Young People’s Substance Misuse Key Worker for North Staffordshire (T3)
Jenny Crowther – Young People’s Substance Misuse Key Worker for North Staffordshire (T3)
Mary Cook – School Health Adviser (NHS)
Dawn Forrester – Local Support team Coordinator
Karen Whitmore – NSPCC Worker
Ffion Brookes – Changes YP Support Groups
Richard Ash – Youth Offending Team
Savana Counselling Service
Arch Counselling Service
PC 5361 Sarah Wilkinson – Staffordshire Police
PCSO Lauren Drew – Staffordshire Police
PCSO Amanda Dale – Staffordshire Police
PCSO Dan Nettleton – Staffordshire Police

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