Our Aims

StudentsLeek High School is a high school for students aged between 13 and 19. It was designated as a specialist technology school in 2004 but its grammar school origins go back to 1900, with the present site on Springfield Road having been occupied since reorganisation in 1965. The school serves mainly the eastern side of Leek and much of the Staffordshire Moorlands, with around half our students coming from the town and half from the rural areas. In 2011/2012, there were around 430 students with 80 sixth formers and a staff of 70 including 31 teachers.

At Leek High School we aim to:

  • Meet the learning needs of each individual student
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning in a caring environment which fosters and values success of all kinds.
  • Enable students to achieve excellence in all that they do.
    Develop students’ self-esteem, so that each becomes a successful learner.
  • Develop respect for self and others by cultivating students’ moral values, cultural awareness and spiritual qualities.
  • Build upon students’ prior achievements and help them to plan ahead for success in school, including the sixth form, in higher education and in their working lives in a changing society
  • Encourage students to take part in a wide range of activities, within school and in the wider community.
  • Work in partnership with parents and other members of the community in the education of our students.

sackTo achieve our aims we will:

  • Set high standards
  • Value and celebrate achievement of all kindsProvide a broad and balanced curriculum to create opportunities for all
  • Focus on helping each student to know what they have to do to improve their learning
  • Care for students and offer a wide range of support services
  • Work closely with parents and provide regular feedback
  • Provide a caring environment in which purposeful learning can take place and all students can flourish
  • Invest to provide a well equipped, up to date and pleasant working environment
  • Work closely with all local schools and colleges to provide a wide range of opportunities for all levels post 16 and to expand opportunities post 14
  • Value and respect all students
  • Be committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.


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