OfSTED Reports

In November 2011 Leek High was inspected by a team from Ofsted. They were full of praise for the school, perhaps best summed up in the letter they wrote to the students

4017 (208)‘We found that your school is a good and improving school. Attainment is rising: you are making good progress in your lessons. Your school is making considerable efforts so that you can make good progress in all your learning. You are well supported by staff who care for your well-being. You show a positive approach to your work and attendance has improved. You clearly enjoy a range of learning opportunities offered to you within and outside the school day and many of you take advantage of these.’

The report itself was very complimentary. The school was graded as good in all the key areas: outcomes, capacity to improve, provision, leadership and management and sixth form. Numerous strengths were highlighted including students good behaviour, the good support for special needs students, good and outstanding teaching, excellent relationships between students and staff, excellent pastoral care, good governance, outstanding multi-agency support, outstanding partnerships and a good curriculum which is making a notable impact on attainment and well being.

Ofsted noted that ‘responses from parents are extremely positive with the vast majority saying that their child enjoys school. One parent wrote to Ofsted and their comments appeared in the final report, ‘All the teachers care about every individual student’. It is a compliment to us and serves as a reminder that every child really does matter.

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