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Three popular members of staff at Leek High School faced a charity gunging on Friday to raise over £200 for Children in Need.

English teacher Louise Hine, History teacher Richard Mace and PE teacher Matt Broad suffered two bucketfuls each of a gloopy mixture of flour, water and cornflakes in the school yard after students voted the member of staff they would most like to see gunged.

LEEK HIGH GUNGING 10The charity escapade proved a popular stunt among students, particularly Shannon Frodsham, Lottie Moss, Ellie Yates, Kay Sheldon, Mia Lloyd and Florence Knight who performed the honours with the loaded buckets. It was less popular with the teaching staff, 17 of whom bought themselves out of the voting procedure with a charity donation.

Headteacher Phill Evans said: “When the event was approved by me, one of the conditions I imposed was that my name was not to appear on the voting list.”

Louise Hine told the students: “You are all in detention for the rest of your lives and I am thinking of handing in my notice after this.”

Richard Mace said: “I get up every morning and work incredibly hard for these young people and all they want to do is throw stuff over my head.”

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